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January/February 2014


Have you checked the latest HERESCOPE?

Posted April 22, 2014

Part 6
& the Purpose of the Passion

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Exhibit 1: Warrior Bride artwork advertised on TheElijahList


The Church is called to be the Bride of Christ as well as an army. As we approach the end of this age, we will begin to take on more of the nature and demeanor of both….

—Rick Joyner[1]


In this time, God is moving again with fire – holy fire – and the fire of His manifest presence is coming upon the priesthood… to bring restoration of all things and purify our offerings…. The mature sons, the priesthood, are being birthed.



The Earth and all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, the time when they will come into their maturity and immortalization…. Earth and its natural creation is anxiously waiting for the Church to reach full maturity and come to full sonship. When the Church realizes its full sonship, its bodily redemption will cause a redemptive chain reaction throughout all creation.

—Bill Hamon[3]


The passionate love of God manifesting now in the hearts of God’s people by the Holy Spirit is birthing the full grown body of Christ. There is a time of birth without tolerance. At the precise moment, in the thousands of years of God’s dealing with man, when it is time birth comes. Anyone who would stand against the birth of the fruit of God’s passion will meet the passion of God’s flaming sword in the hands of His powerful angels.

—Ron McGatlin[4]


The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and IHOP serve together as the chief mouthpiece for the old Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God (MSOG) teachings. IHOP spreads the leaven via its broad scope of interrelated ministries and youth organizations, including an expanding outreach into the mainstream evangelical world. The NAR spreads its leaven throughout the charismatic world, and reaches a much broader audience via their many media outlets. Both movements teach virtually the same thing. IHOP and NAR both proclaim that it is the time for their followers to be armed, trained and ready for battle. This is about a holy war.

The NAR is boldly announcing that NOW is the time for the army of God to arise. With this coming “Presence” they say there will be a militarization of the church. This army is often referred to as “Joel’s Army” or the “Warrior Bride.”[5] Their esoteric artwork has depicted a masculine bride ready to wield a sickle (for “harvest”) or carry a sword (for judgment/“justice”) to subdue and rule the earth (Dominionism). The homoerotic images are disturbing:

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Posted April 12, 2014

Part 5
& the Purpose of the Passion

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We’ll have the power to raise people from the dead,
that even death won’t stand before the power of the Church.

—Mike Bickle[1]


I don’t know what the Second Coming is to you, …but let me tell you he’s coming to you, he’s coming to his church, he’s coming to abide in you, to take up his abode in you…. I want you to know he’s coming to the Church before he comes for the Church. He’s gonna perfect the Church so the Church can be the Image, be Him, and be his representation.

—Paul Cain[2]


God spoke to the children of Israel to build Him a tabernacle because He wanted to come and dwell with them. If you don't build it He won't come and stay. You won't have a habitation without it. We are talking about creating an atmosphere so He can dwell and linger, a sanctuary, a place reserved. A place where the heavens open and we keep going back to keep it open.

—Todd Bentley[3]


Now, in this age, there are people being transformed from natural earthly spirit beings into supernatural spiritual sons of God – literally becoming as Christ is in this world today.

—Ron McGatlin[4]


The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) teaches the same basic doctrines as the IHOP movement. This is because they both have the same historical roots that track directly back the old Manifest Son of God/Latter Rain cult. There is a noticeable difference, however. Mike Bickle invented his own unique verbiage in his “Bridal Paradigm” in order to update the old Latter Rain doctrines with the prophetic visions of his group of “Kansas City Prophets.” It takes some in-depth indoctrination to grasp the gist of Bickle’s message. But it is somewhat easier to figure out what the NAR is teaching. Both groups rely upon the old George Warnock “Feast of Tabernacles” allegory[5] for their eschatology. And both are eagerly anticipating a “Second Pentecost” experience of a coming “Presence.”

A Second Pentecost? 
magazine recently published an article about this titled “Spirit-Empowered Believers Praying for Second Pentecostal Outpouring.” The article reveals a meeting of a group calling itself “Empowered 21” (E21),[6] featuring Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson, Oral Roberts University’s President Billy Wilson, and top-ranking NAR “apostle” Cindy Jacobs. These leaders met together to plan their long-anticipated “Second Pentecost,” a key component of their Latter Rain endtime beliefs. Charisma reported:

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January/February 2014

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& the Purpose of the Passion


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New Book Release!


By Paul Smith

Like Cascading Dominoes the intentional departure from believing the Bible is inerrant has plunged the church of the 21st century down the treacherous slippery slope of accommodation and compromise.


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Contentiously Contending!

By Anton Bosch

Back in 2007 this blog ran a series of messages by Pastor Anton Bosch on the topic of "contentiously contending." We are pleased to announce that these messages have been published in a booklet.


Herescope readers who loved the series will be happy to know that they can now order this in a printed booklet format - for only $3.00 per copy! Order your copies at the Discernment Products Page (Books) HERE, or by phoning 903-567-6423.

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