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March/April/May 2015


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Posted May 29, 2015


Part 8: The Physics of Heaven
A Serial Book Review & Theological Interaction

By Pastor Larry DeBruyn


Advertisement retrieved Oct. 2011 from http://www.elijahshopper.com
for 4 CDs "Quantum Physics, Music and the Prophetic"

by David Van Koevering, Ray Hughes, Bob Jones, and JoAnn McFatter."


Review of Chapter 6 (authored by Ray Hughes):
“Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth”[1]

We live in the “Information Age,” an age of increasing revelation, prophetic insight and sensitivity to the spirit realm.... We live in a time when science fiction can become science fact overnight.... I believe that the Holy Spirit has given me some pieces of the puzzle to heaven’s sound, so the information I share with you about sound and light and vibration will be based upon scientific fact, confessed speculation, and spiritual revelation.

—Ray Hughes
(Emphasis added, TPOH, 65-66)

1965 was the year when the film The Sound of Music was released. The movie’s theme song written by Oscar Hammerstein II (1895-1960), composed by Richard Rogers (1902-1979), and sung by actress Julie Andrews (1935-    ), has for five decades remained a musical icon. “The hills are alive, / With the sound of music / With songs they have sung / For a thousand years,” go the song’s opening lyrics.[2] But according to Quantum Charismatics, not only are the hills alive with the sound of music, but also everything else God has infused with heaven’s “sound of many waters” (Revelation 14:2). This music, Quantum Charismatics believe, will bring revival to the church as it endows God’s “manifest sons” to interpret life even as mobilizes miraculous powers within them.

Illustration: Sight and Sound, Movie and Music
Ray Hughes illustrates how sound brings understanding to life, especially in the church. As in a motion picture, music provides meaning and creates feelings for what is seen. He refers to a movie portraying a nattily dressed woman walking hurriedly down a sidewalk on a crowded city street. Various types of accompanying music might offer different interpretations of the woman’s situation. Is the accompanying music depressing? If so, viewers could be impressed that the woman is in some kind of trouble. Is the music upbeat? Viewers would conclude she’s not in danger, but only taking a daily exercise walk. Is music romantic? Viewers might interpret that she is hustling to meet her boyfriend at Starbucks. Hughes’ point is that sound “can create a story from dry facts. It [sound] causes our emotions to go beyond facts to feelings.”[3](TPOH, 69) In Hughes’ view, sound gives meaning to sight.

Quantum Charismatics”
So music or sound becomes a key for interpreting the experience of life in the church. Music, says the author, impacts prayer, faith and activity in the church.(TPOH, 69) Sound can enhance if not determine spirituality. Reverbs can create revival. To this point, Hughes informs readers that, “With every revival, there has been a release of new music or sound.”(TPOH, 69) He then goes so far as to suggest that, “Whether the music releases the revival, or whether the revival releases the music varies from generation to generation.”(TPOH, 69) Hughes compares the issue to be like asking the old question of what comes first, the chicken (the revival) or the egg (the music). The right music creates the atmosphere of worship and facilitates a working of signs and wonders. This theory of sound or music—primordially infused by God into nature’s elements—drives, as Hughes states, the Quantum Charismatic view of spiritual life. We turn to summarize and look at the theory the author espouses.

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Posted May 26, 2015

Is there a problem with it?

By Pastor Anton Bosch*


Most people feel that being comfortable is the least they can expect in life. Others want to be rich and enjoy the excesses of wealth. But Christians understand that the love of money and greed are not good things, and therefore they feel that being comfortable and settled is not an unreasonable or unscriptural expectation. (This discussion obviously excludes those who have believed the lie of the prosperity preachers that greed is good).

So surely there cannot be a problem with being comfortable? I know many who are comfortable, and have not sold out to heresy or sin, and continue to fulfill some kind of ministry. Comfort has to be the least we can expect from life – right? Wrong! Being comfortable is one of the biggest snares of the Devil, and it brings with it the judgment of God!

Amos said: “Woe to you who are at ease in Zion, And trust in Mount Samaria, Notable persons in the chief nation, To whom the house of Israel comes!” (Amos 6:1). “Being at ease” is another way of saying “being comfortable.” God actually pronounced a woe on those who were comfortable in Zion.

They were comfortable because they were in Zion. (Zion refers specifically to Jerusalem but generally to Israel.) Zion was where the temple was, the land of promise and the place that God had chosen to declare His name. Others in Israel trusted in Gerizim (Mount Samaria) instead of Jerusalem, but with the same result. Being in the physical place chosen by God brings real comfort, thus many Christians are comfortable because they go to church, are part of a fellowship, or feel they are physically where God wants them to be. So what’s wrong with that?

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March/April/May 2015

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By Pastor Anton Bosch


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