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September/October 2015


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Posted October 8, 2015

Coalescing with Southern Baptists


NAR "apostle" Cindy Jacobs telling "apostle" Samuel Rodriguez that
"we are in the birth canal for a great awakening." (Source)

For years, we have marveled that Samuel Rodriguez, president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, has managed to maintain a reputation as some sort of a moderate conservative evangelical leader while, at the same time, regularly partnering with some of the most extreme voices within the Religious Right.

Perhaps nothing better demonstrates his ties to even the outermost fringes of the movement like the praise he heaped upon Cindy Jacobs when she appeared on his TBN program "The Lamb's Agenda" last month.[1]

Just when you thought this election cycle couldn't get any crazier. . . A report has just been issued regarding the latest activities of NAR "apostle" Samuel Rodriguez. He is now openly fraternizing with "apostlette" Cindy Jacobs.[2] Rodriguez has an extensive history of morphing himself into a mainstream leadership role despite his open association with C. Peter Wagner's dominionist New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and its many offshoots and entities. For example, in 2014 Rodriguez was a featured speaker on a panel at the Southern Baptist Convention.

In an Oct. 7 article by J.D. Hall titled "SBC Speaker Affirms Prophetess Cindy Jacob’s 'Prophetic Ministry'" can be found some amazing video footage of Rodriguez "affirming the prophetic ministry of arch-Apostle, Cindy Jacobs, from just last week." You have to see the video to believe it. Click HERE and scroll halfway down the article to view the embedded video:

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Posted September 29, 2015

A Substitute for True Spirituality

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him
must worship Him in spirit and in Truth
(John 4:24, emphasis added)


IHOP's mystical young adult conference[1]

Mysticism is a substitute for true spirituality, true Christianity. True Christianity is rooted in Truth, the Gospel of Salvation: Jesus is "the Way, the Truth, the Life" (John 14:6). Mysticism seeks God another way, not through the Cross of Christ: "For this is My blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins" (Matthew 26:28). 

The irony about the rise of mystical practices in today's postmodern church is that in people's endeavors to attain a heightened spirituality they rely upon methods of the flesh that induce mental and emotional "highs." Indulging in either sensual excesses of the flesh (loud music, strobe lights, e.g.) or deprivations of the flesh (extended fastings, rituals, e.g.), "produce[s] a kind of activity in the mind... which is merely giving loose to the imagination and emotions, as they follow out a wild train of incoherent thought, or are agitated by impulses of spontaneous and ungoverned feeling."[2] This heightened state of "communion" with the spirit world results in a "infelt consciousness of [God's] perpetual presence," which can result in receiving "new revelation."[3]

“People who are attracted to mysticism usually assume that what is hidden in God is other than what is revealed, or that it is deeper or more interesting or spiritually nourishing.”[4]

Thus many who practice pietistic mysticism in the church today adopt an attitude of prideful elitism. They believe their zealous faith is superior to yours because they engage in actions that evoke religious feelings, passions, imaginations, sensations, visions, and experiences of hearing or seeing God (including seeing the dead or visiting heaven) -- even performing signs and wonders. Through these hyper-spiritual methodologies new theologies are more readily adopted. People's belief systems are easily susceptible to change when they have encountered mind-bending experiences.

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September/October 2015

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