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Posted April 17, 2015


Kay Warren & Ed Stetzer of Leadership Network
Leading the Charge!


"Mental Illness Will Affect Families in YOUR Church in 2015.  Are You Prepared?"
Leadership Network e-mail, April 2, 2015

Ever since Kay Warren's husband, the famous Rick Warren of "purpose-driven" fame, launched his "Daniel Plan" a few years ago there have been concerns that his "health" agenda for the church would expand into "mental health." It appears from the above promotion that this is indeed happening. What role does Warren envision for the church in promoting "mental health"? It is more than meets the eye.

This blog, along with our research friends Warren Smith[1] and Berit Kjos,[2] previously published articles exposing how Rick Warren was relying on openly New Age doctors to tell Christians how to become mentally, spiritually and physically “healthy.” Review the following articles we posted at the time:

3-Legged "Health" Care
Rick Warren's New Age Health Gurus
The "WOO" Factor

Thus the Daniel Plan was always intended to be much more than just a mere diet plan. It was a comprehensive mental, physical and spiritual "health" program. Warren Smith described the New Age spirituality inherent Rick Warren's healthcare model in his booklet Rick Warren's Daniel Plan:

Who would have believed it? Occult/New Age doctors being invited into the church to teach Christians how to be healthy? Charles Spurgeon must be rolling over in his grave. On January 15, 2011 a fifty-two week health and wellness program—the Daniel Plan—was initiated at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church. More than six thousand people attended the well promoted and carefully staged event. Warren took the opportunity to announce that his own personal goal was to lose 90 pounds in 2011. The Daniel Plan website states that "the Daniel Plan envisions starting a movement so the result is better physical and spiritual health for current and future generations." It describes how Rick Warren recruited three best-selling authors to create and oversee the Daniel Plan Curriculum—Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman. Although these three physicians are all involved with New Age teachings, they describe themselves respectively as a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew.[3]

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Posted April 7, 2015


Part 7: The Physics of Heaven:
A Serial Book Review & Theological Interaction

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Review of Chapter 6: “Good Vibrations” by Ellyn Davis[1]

Prophets have long recognized that their words carry a force or power that is more than just words, but is like an energy that empowers what they prophesy. Some Christian leaders have also found that they have a “resonance” themselves that helps people move deeper into God.

—Ellyn Davis, The Physics of Heaven, p. 53, emphasis added 

“Good Vibrations”—the chapter’s title is taken from the song written and engineered by Brian Wilson (1942-    ), sung by the Beach Boys (1966), and which became a #1 song in the United States and other countries. Rolling Stone called it the sixth greatest song in rock ’n roll history. It is considered Wilson’s crowning musical achievement. But inherent with the song, a fact which escaped many of us who were more affected by the sensations of the music, was the message Wilson tried to communicate—a cosmic worldview with a New Age spiritual component. Reflecting the direction the 60s California culture was moving in, Brian Wilson’s life experiences influenced the production of Good Vibrations.

The music, Wilson explained, was rooted in childhood memories that included an abusive father (“bad vibrations”) and a clairsentient mother who “had talked to him about vibrations—invisible forces that filled the air.”[2] She explained that dogs did not like certain people because of negative sensations they detected emanating from certain people (auric effect?). As the learning website Shmoop informs, “The whole thing terrified Brian; invisible currents floating around the cosmos and sending out messages to people and animals was spooky stuff.”[3] So the song Good Vibrations represents his attempt to musically bring “what’s out there down here,” to translate the psychic into the ecstatic. Though scientific evidence remains inconclusive, “Sound vibrations are believed to play a mysterious part in the production of psychic phenomena.”[4]

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