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Posted October 23, 2014

The Road Most Traveled

Part 4: The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll

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Mark Driscoll in the aftermath (Source)

"Even though it is painful, it is important for the vision community to be willing to allow them to leave the group or even to find another congregation where they can continue to serve God. Failure to do so will weaken the vision and will result in more significant challenges down the road."

~Leading Congregational Change, p. 60[1]


"My guiding principle in building this team comes from the Jim Collins’ principle:

“First who: Who’s on the bus.”

~Bob Buford, Leadership Network[2]


Change is a constant in the knowledge society. Knowledge is very perishable. The knowledge worker must act as an entrepreneur and exercise personal management. Knowledge workers must become accustomed to the process of 'creative destruction.' They must become change leaders, active in the pursuit of change, rather than becoming victims of change. This compels the knowledge worker to engage in continuous learning.”

~Peter Drucker[3] 


It was Leading Congregational Change, published in 2000 by Jossey-Bass as a "A Leadership Network Publication," that paved the road for painful bus trips scheduled for the decades that lay ahead. Authors Jim Herrington, Mike Bonem and James H. Furr detailed the program, outlining systematic methods of off-the-bus tossing. They even published a companion Workbook, complete with charts and assessments, that mapped out the strategies to implement the visions of the bus driver/"change leaders." Leading Congregational Change (hereafter referred to as LCC) was closely modeled after an earlier book the authors say was "profoundly influential" for them -- New Age management guru Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline.(p. 11) 

LCC provided bus driver training for Driscoll's disastrous bus route. It gave bus driver pastor-leaders tools to create road maps to their own "vision" of the future. The authors brag in the opening chapter that their "learning on leadership... led to the birth of a significant ministry named Young Leaders."(p. 11) Young Leaders was a precursor to the Emergent movement founded by Leadership Network,[4] which featured Mark Driscoll as a prominent young leader-in-training. The authors of LCC divulge that they trained these Young Leaders in "transformational leadership":

Young Leaders became the place where we began training them to exercise transformational leadership. The program includes the content of this book and is based on a commitment to learn leadership in the context of community.(p. 11)

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Posted October 3, 2014

...and how it Operates

Part 3: The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll

Read Part 1: "We Are Not ABANDONED"

Read Part 2: "Under the Bus" and "Off the Map" - The Out-of-Control Bus That Runs Over Sheep



"You either get on the bus or you get run over by the bus.
Those are the options; but the bus ain’t gonna stop."

-Mark Driscoll[1]


"To decide where to drive the bus before you have the right people on the bus,
and the wrong people off the bus,
is absolutely the wrong approach."

"...if you have the wrong people on the bus, nothing else matters.
You may be headed in the right direction,
but you still won’t achieve greatness.
Great vision with mediocre people still produces mediocre results."

- Jim Collins[2]


Every day you'll see the dust (Too much, the Magic Bus)
As I drive my baby in my Magic Bus (Too much, the Magic Bus)

- "Magic Bus," The Who 


Whoever heard of a transit authority that kicks people off its buses? How can one run a business this way? Leave it to Jim Collins, the management guru who trained several generations of MegaChurch, New Calvinist and Emergent leaders, to come up with such a radical idea.

Collins taught evangelical leaders his brand of "tossing people off the bus," including his own unique methodology. He advised bus drivers (i.e., church leaders) that before going in a certain direction they first needed to purge their bus of the "wrong people." Yep! That's right! Toss out the unruly "wrong people" that don't fit on the bus. Keep the "right people" on the bus and then get going on your mission to fulfill your vision. The following statement by Collins is alarmingly blunt:

You are a bus driver. The bus, your company, is at a standstill, and it’s your job to get it going. You have to decide where you're going, how you're going to get there, and who's going with you.

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Posted September 18, 2014

The Out-of-Control Bus That Runs Over Sheep

Part 2: The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll

Read Part 1: "We Are Not ABANDONED"


Leadership Network's NEXT, Dec. 1997

Leadership Network's culture has trained several generations of megachurch leaders and spawned the Emergent/Emerging and New Calvinist evangelical "streams" (among others). Precisely WHAT was taught to these leaders that gave them the idea that it is okay for their sheep to "get run over by the bus"?"


Before proceeding it is necessary to establish that Leadership Network sees itself as a "change agent" organization, and a premier "network of networks." It believes it possesses replicating "DNA" that can be inserted into existing churches and faith-based organizations across the country. As a training outfit, Leadership Network reproduces its DNA downline throughout its multiplying interconnected networks. From the beginning, the DNA of Leadership Network was intended to become the DNA of the evangelical world.

In December 1997, Leadership Network's Megachurch bus shifted into a new gear and set the path towards "accelerating the emergence of the 21st century church." They stated that their "new paradigm" would not be "centered in theology" but rather "focused on structure" and organization." At the right is the full context of the opening quote at the top of this post. In this particular issue of NEXT, Leadership Network announced preliminary organizational structural changes that laid the groundwork for the next few years of paradigm-shifting. This would set the stage for the year 2000, and soon afterwards Emergent/Emerging would be launched.

From its inception the foundation of this "emergence" was fundamentally flawed. There was an inherent defect in the DNA. It did not originate from the Scriptures. It was a foreign organism, not unlike a virus. The full-blown disease is now in evidence at Mars Hill in Seattle. People are feeling the terrible symptoms, but few know its origins. And some may not want to know it.

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