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January/February 2015


Recent Herescope Posts

Posted January 13, 2015


“a time to keep silence, and a time to speak”
(Ecclesiastes 3:7b)


It has been ten years since the Herescope blog was first launched in the Fall of 2005. 832 posts later, we are still writing and publishing, but only by God’s grace. How much longer we can do this is fully in His hands. Times are darker. So many have drifted away from the faith. We continue to write and to warn because of our love of the brethren. Our hearts break daily as we see the consequences of a church gone astray from the glorious message of redemption found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Early in the 1980s I was a right-to-life activist and leader. My first experience on a live TV debate was with a man who was the director of the local abortion clinic. The interviewer was sympathetic to his position, not mine. I was intimidated and terrified. Throughout the interview the other two had the upper hand. Finally, near the end of the debate, the interviewer, in order to attain the appearance of objectivity, asked me to comment. I blurted out, “Abortion is a barbaric and brutal solution to a complex human problem. Surely we can find other more peaceful alternatives than the shedding of innocent human blood.” There was a prolonged moment of stunned silence. The abortion clinic director appeared shell-shocked and mumbled an inarticulate reply. The interviewer hastily concluded with a garbled “something to think about; thanks, folks, for watching.”

I was surprised at what had just come out of my mouth. But I meant it with all of my heart. I hated violence. It got me thinking about the shedding of innocent human blood. How long would God tolerate it? How long would we in America continue to live in peace and affluence? I had hoped for systemic revival – true revival where people repent – but it never came.[1] The abortion mills chugged along relentlessly, and slowly society – and the church – became acclimated to it.

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Posted January 7, 2015

A Much Neglected Subject


By Professor Johan Malan,
Mossel Bay, South Africa

In the New Testament doctrine on salvation there is a mutual relationship between the concepts of “faith in Christ” and “repentance.” If we truly believe in Christ, repenting from our evil and selfish ways is inevitable. If we fail to recognize the close association between these two aspects of our salvation, giving due recognition to each of them, we are at risk of undermining and distorting the foundations of our spiritual life. Such people may even end up only having a form of godliness because of their biased thinking. Faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior can only be expressed by turning away from the spiritual darkness of sin and taking refuge in Him who alone is able to forgive our sins and save our souls. He is the light of the world, in Him is life everlasting, and repenting is the way towards approaching Him and becoming a member of His spiritual body on earth (the true church consisting of all born again believers).

The basic objective of the Gospel message is the proclaiming of faith in Jesus as the promised Messiah and Savior of the world. To believe in Him implies turning away from our sins and trusting Him for forgiveness and salvation, while committing ourselves to a continued process of growing up towards spiritual maturity. Let us briefly examine the integrated nature of faith in Christ, the universal call to repentance, and the need of growing up spiritually, which are indispensable to prepare us as able and effective witnesses of Christ in a hostile world.

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Posted December 23, 2014


"The Gospel of the grace of God." (Acts 20:24)


What does the word "Gospel" signify? Its literal meaning is either "God's word" or message, or rather, "good news," or "good tidings," which is more agreeable to the original. But if it be "good news," it must be good news of something and to somebody. There must be some good tidings brought, and there must be some person by whom, as good tidings, it is received. 

In order, then, that the Gospel should be good news, glad tidings, there must be a message from God to man, God being the Speaker, and man the hearer; He the gracious Giver, and man the happy receiver. 

But if the Gospel means good news from heaven to earth, it can only be worthy of the name as it proclaims grace, mercy, pardon, deliverance, and salvation, and all as free gifts of God's unmerited favor. Otherwise, it would not be a Gospel adapted to our needs; it would not be good news, glad tidings to us poor sinners, to us law-breakers, to us guilty criminals, to us vile transgressors, to us arraigned at the bar of infinite justice, to us condemned to die by the unswerving demands of God's holiness. 

And as it must be a Gospel adapted to us to receive, so must it be a Gospel worthy of God to give.

This Gospel then, pure, clear, and free, is good news or glad tidings, as proclaiming pardon through the blood of Jesus and justification by his righteousness. It reveals an obedience whereby the law was magnified and made honorable, and a atoning sacrifice for sin by which it was forever blotted out and put away; and thus it brings glory to God and salvation to the soul. 

It is a pure revelation of sovereign mercy, love and grace, whereby each Person in the divine Trinity is exalted and magnified. In it "mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace kiss each other." [Ps. 85:10] As revealed in it, "truth springs out of earth" in the hearts of contrite sinners, and "righteousness," eternally satisfied by Christ's obedience, "looks down from heaven." [Ps. 85:11]

If you love a pure, a clear, a free Gospel, "the Gospel of the grace of God," you love it not only because it is so fully suitable to your needs, so thoroughly adapted to your fallen state, but because you have felt its sweetness and power; because it not only speaks of pardon, but brings pardon; not only proclaims mercy, but brings mercy; not only points out a way of salvation, but brings salvation, with all its rich attendant blessings, into your heart. 

It thus becomes "the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes." [Rom. 1:16]


Adapted from J. C. Philpot's Daily Words For Zion's Wayfarers, "Selected From His Works By His Daughters, 1893 - Devotions for Each Day!"

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