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Books & Research Papers


In the Name of Jesus:
Oneness Pentecostalism & "Jesus Only" Baptism

by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

In its insistence upon baptism in Jesus’ name only, Oneness Pentecostalism has also brought challenges to the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity. This booklet does not deal with that departure from theological orthodoxy. Rather, the attempt has been to try to understand what the Scriptures say in the root texts concerning the subject and present those findings in this writing. Oneness teaching bases its belief in a non-Trinitarian baptismal formula upon four Acts verses where people were baptized in Jesus’ name “only”. This book will deal with these verses to discover whether or not they endorse such a non-Trinitarian baptismal formula.


Joel's Army - 2nd Edition

by Jewel Grewe

Originally published in 1991, this book was a helpful sketch of the Latter Rain doctrines coming forth from the “Kansas City Prophets” and entering the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. For decades, this obscure cultish movement had existed on the fringes of the Pentecostal community, and there was little reason to worry that these aberrant teachings would affect the mainstream evangelicalism. However, with the advent of what is now called the "New Apostolic Reformation," that is so rapidly gaining influence in the political Right, this book has become an important historical document detailing the origins and radical doctrines of this movement.

Available as a printed booklet: click here for ordering info


The Pied Pipers of Purpose

by Lynn D. Leslie, Sarah H. Leslie & Susan J. Conway

This monograhph focuses exclusively on the underpinnings of the Purpose-Driven model with its bent toward transforming society. This model in various forms continues to affect the Church throughout the world.

Available as a printed booklet: click here for ordering info


Strange Fire: The Rise of Gnosticism in the Church

By Travers and Jewel van der Merwe

Some books are written before their time. This is one such book. While battling cancer, a painful ordeal that lasted for many years, Travers and his wife Jewel penned this book. He saw an ancient heresy arising in the modern Christian church and it weighed heavily on his heart. 

After the book was completed, it lay dormant for several years. In the meantime much was happening in the Christian church nationally and internationally to confirm that there was a revival going on not accompanied by repentance and a turning away from dead works but of Gnosticism.


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