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November/December 2015





January/February 2015

The True Origins of the Properity Gospel
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Contemporary Christian Musical Artists Say: We Will Stand “United”— With New Age Sympathizer Roma Downey?
By the Editors, Lighthouse Trails

March/April/May 2015

His Mercies Are New Every Morning
By Pastor Anton Bosch

Zimbabwe Trip Report
By Pastor Anton Bosch

Characteristics of Our Time – the Great Falling Away of the Last Days
By Prof. Johan Malan

Modern-Day Divination
By Sarah H. Leslie

June/July/August 2015

The Sea of Subjectivity
By Jewel Grewe

Why is the Church Powerless?
Part 1: Missing the Connection
Part 2: Blessed are the Thirsty
By Pastor Anton Bosch

September/October 2015

Israel's Last Battle in the Last Days
Gog against God: An Exposition and Study of Ezekiel 38-39
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn



January/February 2014

Is Discernment Scriptural?

& the Purpose of the Passion

Evangelical leaders are currently rushing to associate themselves with major youth events that are becoming increasingly popular in the Christian world.

March/April 2014

The 2nd Coming of the "Presence"

A continuation of our look at the Latter Rain’s belief in a coming “Presence.”

May/June 2014

Excitement building for October youth conference

Ruth Gonzalez with the Lord

Shadow and Substance: Jewish Feasts & Christian Reality
by Professor Johan Malan

A large number of believers do not pursue the blessing of sanctification in the correct, biblical way and then, as a substitute, revert to the law with its rigid structures, symbolic acts and multiple ceremonies and feasts.

July/August 2014

a poem by Julie Leo

Looking Back
by Jewel Grewe

A reflection on how the spiritual “climate” of the church has changed in the last fifty years.

The True Origins of the Prosperity Gospel
By Pastor Anton Bosch

The prosperity message has mutated into many variants that all share certain common traits and roots.

September/October 2014

Back to Zimbabwe
by Jewel Grewe

Christian Alliance Ministries Conference Report
by Pastor Anton Bosch

The Peer-Driven Church
by Sarah H. Leslie

November/December 2014

Pastor Ken Silva: 1955-2014
a remembrance by Sarah Leslie

Choices Which Everyone Should Make in Life
by Prof. Johan Malan



January/February 2013

Two Faithful Saints Go to Glory
by Sarah Leslie

A tribute to Jean Shafer and Ed Tarkowski

The Postmodern Deconstruction of Biblical Truths
by Prof. Johan Malan

Through postmodern globalism, a major assault is being launched on the foundations and basic principles of the Christian faith.

March/April 2013

Return to Zimbabwe 2013

Reports by Jewel Grewe, Charlotte Stucki, Julie Leo and Bonnie Cullen

Thinking "Outside the Box"

An excerpt from Tamara Harzell's new online book "Reimagining" God

May/June 2013

So, What's the Problem With Yoga?
by Terry Mulberry

Can Yoga be redeemed so that Christians can enjoy its benefits? Can we transform it into a Christian practice?

New Opportunity in Zimbabwe
by Pastor Anton Bosch

The Lord provides staff for the Bible School.

July/August 2013

The Gelding is Castrated: Evangelicals and their cultural "fixing"
by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp

All too many local pastors have been swept along by the rapid cultural changes entering the church nationally.

A "Cleavage" in the Church
by Sarah Leslie

Our addictions to media and entertainment have desensitized us so that we can no longer even recognize immodesty.

Books for the Theological College of Southern Africa (TCSA)

September/October 2013

Early Thanksgiving for Blessings
Report on IFCB Conference and Bible School

Altered States: A Different Gate
by Sarah Leslie and Pastor Larry DeBruyn

It’s better to remain sober-minded as Scripture urges than to engage consciousness-altering activities that inebriate the soul against the true work of the Spirit in us.

November/December 2013



January/February 2012

Back in The USA
by Jewel Grew

A short report on the year in Zimbabwe.

Normalizing Necromancy

The modern church has come to the point where we actually have to write about this topic.

The “Canaanization” of the Church
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Have Heart: A review and Commentary
Part 2 – Do the Dead Communicate with the Living? In both the culture at large and amongst growing numbers of evangelical Christians, interest in the “connectivity” between this life and the next is on the rise.

Necromancy: A Personal Testimony

Submitted to Herescope by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

March/April 2012

Report on Zimbabwe Trip Feb/Mar 2012
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Meeting with Pastors and students to teach classes and evaluate the needs for the Bible School modules and materials.

Why a Bible School?
by Pastor Anton Bosch

There is little difference between a good modern bible school and what Jesus did when He took 12 men and for 3 years poured into them His wisdom, knowledge, experience and Word.

Inventing New Words
by Sarah Leslie

Words like “Nooma” series, the “Purpose-Driven” Church, “Spiritual Formation”, “New Apostolic Reformation” etc. often are used in a marketing sense, and then the term takes on a life of its own.

May/June 2012

“Son of God” – Translation Controversy
by Dave James

The present controversy centers around specific decisions by Wycliffe Bible Translators , SIL International and Frontiers (an exclusively Muslim ministry ) …concerning the translation of the “Father-Son” language in a number of bible versions created for the Muslim world.

July/August 2012

A Review on the DVD entitled: “Wide is the Gate” – The Emerging New Christianity” by Caryl Matrisciana
by Jewel Grewe

In this video Caryl shows how there have been strong forces at work to bring about these new “feel good” messages that entertain and please congregants.

Postmodern Deconstruction on a Global Scale
by Prof. Johan Malan

During the past two decades postmodern reforms among virtually all nations worldwide have rapidly increased.

September/October 2012

The “Tabernacle of David” – An End-time Deception excerpted from a research paper
by Barbara Wilhelm (used by permission)

There is presently a movement to establish an end-times “Tabernacle of David” centered around 24/7 prayer and worship

November/December 2012

Hedonists and Martyrs
by Pastor Anton Bosch

True churches and believers have always been persecuted. Persecution has come from many different sources, however; the ultimate source remains Satan and his forces.

Back to Zimbabwe
by Jewel Grewe

Charlotte Stucki, Bonnie Cullen and Jewel are headed for Zimbawe to minister to the ladies with their focus on “discipleship”.

David’s Tent, DC
by Barbara Wilhelm

A report from the four ladies who attended the “David’s Tent, D.C. political/prayer event”.



January/February 2011

From Zimbabwe
by Jewel Grewe

David and Jewel Grewe embark upon a 10-month trip to Zimbabwe.

It’s that Simple!
by Pastor Anton Bosch

What to do when your pastor promotes a new teaching or unbiblical book. 

Follow the Path
by Sarah Leslie

The dangers of straying off the narrow way and ending up on slippery slopes. 

March/April 2011

In God we Trust!
by Jewel Grewe

The last couple of years have caused quite a number of citizens to realize that their trust has been in their 401(k) plans, pensions, equity on their property and many other investments that have instead lost billions of dollars.

How to Discern False Shepherds
by Sarah Leslie

“Tools” to find the answer to whether a certain pastor, prophet, or leader is “good” or a “false teacher”.  

Who can we Trust?
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Teaching the church how to establish the truth! 

May/June 2011

Book Review: New Evangelicalism by Paul Smith
by Sarah Leslie

This book is an historical account of the deep compromises of the past several generations of evangelical leaders.

A Bible School!
Report by Jewel Grewe

Pastor Anton Bosch for four years has had a burden for a school in Africa in order to train young pastors and evangelists.

Report on the Bible School
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Anton set out from Los Angeles, picked up another pastor on the way and met up with Jewel and David Grewe who were in Zimbabwe at the time.

July/August 2011

Throwing out the bathwater?
by Jewel Grewe

All along this cliché has been the whole point of Discernment Ministries – but we have been warning people to “get the baby out of the dirty bathwater.”

Living in Zimbabwe
by Jewel Grewe

Jewel gives an overview of their lives while in Zimbabwe. From fixing the buildings for the bible school to meeting with pastors and getting the bible school registered and ready to begin.

by Pastor Anton Bosch

A whole series of doctrines has been built around this word, in spite of the fact the word only appears rarely. Anton examines Genesis 6 again to see what exactly it teaches.

September/October 2011

Letter from Zimbabwe
by David Grewe

David gives us an insight of what day to day living is in Zimbabwe.

Weighed and Found Wanting: Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan
By Warren B. Smith

Who would have believed it? Occult/New Age doctors being invited into the church to teach Christians how to be healthy?

Only Scripture
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Over the centuries various groups have strayed from the principle of the completeness of Scripture.

November/December 2011

Recent trip to Zimbabwe
by Charlotte Stucki

Charlotte shares her experience while visiting with Jewel and David in Zimbabwe. They met with the local pastors in the newly refurbished room which houses the Bible College. They taveled long distances to meet with the pastors wives and had meetings wherever the Lord opened doors for them.

Beware of ‘Mind Up’
by Lanette Irwin

Goldie Hawn of the Hawn Foundation has unleashed a new carriculum called Mind up. Lanette points out that this ‘science’ is nothing but religion which is packaged in eastern metaphysics – from guided imagery, visualization etc. as a way to get our students re-focused.

Wide Is The Gate: The Emerging New Christianity – DVD by Caryl Matrisciana
by Sarah Leslie

Sarah reviews this new 5 part DVD and finds it perfectly suited for group viewing. “A well made film from start to finish. …The message is based on solid biblical apologetics defending the faith against heresies in eastern mysticism.

Information about: ‘The Daniel Project’ DVD produced by Deborah Menelaws and ‘Battle against the Queen of Heaven on Mt Everest’ DVD by Mike Oppenheimer



January/February 2010

Emergent Worship – Wonder or Wasteland?
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Caution against basing worship on anything other than God’s Holy Word.

March/April 2010

Bewitched! – Evil eye over Evangelism
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the New Thought movement asserted itself in America by offering an intellectual, spiritual and mystical alternative to orthodox Christianity.

May/June 2010

Many Believers in South Africa are jumping on the bandwagon of Dominionism.
by Prof. Johan Malan

Christians are increasingly mobilized towards efforts of controlling and reforming the world by reminding them of their long-forgotten “Dominion Mandate”. The world becomes the Promised Land over which the church should rule right now, before the coming of Christ.

A Dominion Woodstock
by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp

“The Wilderness Outcry” Joel 2 Gathering promises to produce the 3rd Great Awakening. Apostle Dutch Sheets suddenly cancels the Gathering.

National Repentance
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Is the idea of “National Repentance” Biblical?

July/August 2010

The Dangers of Postmodernism
by Prof. Johan Malan

Ideologically and theologically the early 21st century is characterized by a sharp swing towards postmodernism.

The Truth with Brokenness
by Pastor Anton Bosch

An excerpt from chapter 5 of the booklet Contentiously Contending

September/October 2010

The Next Great Awakening or Great Deadening?:
A Political Platform.

a Herescope blog post

Discussing how the false prophets and apostles of the NAR are becoming politically active in America and trying to mainstream themselves.

Cindy Jacobs: A False Prophet
by various discernment researchers

False prophecies of the NAR / When is a Prophet NO Profit? / Cindy Jacobs and Zimbabwe.

November/December 2010

What is Dominionism?
by Sarah Leslie

The belief that we (mankind) have to build the “kingdom of God” on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming ourselves and all societal institutions.



January/February 2009

The Good Samaritan
by Prof. Johan Malan

The interpretation of this parable can be applied on three levels, (1) compassion to people who are afflicted and spiritual salvation; (3) caring for the victims of Satan; and (3) the relationship between the first and second coming of the Lord Jesus.

How to approach a Church heading into Apostasy
a Herescope blog post 

March/April 2009

A New Breed Arising
by Jewel Grewe

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is being replaced by the New Breed that is rising to bring in the Kingdom of God as the invincible Joel’s Army. 

Evangelism Highjacked by Closet Theological Liberals
by Peter Jones 

May/June 2009

On Religious Excitements
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Does God accept our “so-called” sacrifices of praise?  

July/August 2009

Emerging Towards Convergence
by Sarah Leslie

The Emergent/Emerging Church movement is heading towards a crash collision with the New Age movement. 

September/October 2009

On the Rocks in The Shack
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Pastor Larry warns against the Spiritual Adultery found in the popular best-seller, The Shack.

November/December 2009

From the Editor
by Jewel Grewe

Jewel shares the sad fact that “Bereans” are often seen as trouble makers, heresy hunters and it seems they should all be burned at the stake.

Recent update from Zimbabwe
by Jewel Grewe

The current situation in Zimbabwe is still difficult and for the brethren the burden remains to steadfastly pray for the people of this country.

Are we going full speed backward to Paganism?
by Lottie Beth Hobbs

All speed is NOT progress…All change is NOT progress….some of the world’s most pagan, anti-God teachings are being sold to honest unsuspecting people.



January/February 2008

A Cowardly People?
by Prof. Johan Malan

Professor Malan comments on an article titled “The Afrikaner are a cowardly People” by Prof. Yolanda Dreyer.

The Ancient Bible still alive and the ‘Ancient Mystics’ dead.
by Dwayna Litz

There is a growing fascination with the study of ‘Ancient Mystics’ in Seminaries and Christian Academia today. 

Whatever happened to the Gospel?
by Paul Gowdy

If the church fails to preach the once for all Gospel entrusted to the saints – genuine Christianity could die out with this generation.

March/April 2008

Drumming Up Deception
by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

For reason of being connected to demons, the devil, and darkness, and when exposed to the light of scripture, drumming worship appears to be a ‘shady’ spiritual activity.

May/June 2008

The Emerging Church – The Rising Generation
by Jewel Grewe

The “Emerging Church” has the audacity to say the church had it all wrong down through history and only now is coming into maturity. 

Journey to the Ancient Faith – The Orthodox Church
by Barbara Wilhelm

While it might upset the Orthodox Church to hear this, their concept of salvation is very similar to Roman Catholicism. 

July/August 2008

What Language Do You Speak?
by Jewel Grewe

We identify one another by the language we speak.  So what language do you speak?  It is time to examine ourselves – whether we are in the faith or not.

Chew the meat: Spit out the bones…
by Lynn and Sarah Leslie

We first heard this retort when we expressed a concern about curriculum. Where did this phrase originate and how did it become a catchphrase that so easily dismisses concerns about biblical error?

September/October 2008

The Lakeland Florida ‘revival’

The sad role of Todd Bentley in promoting false doctrines.

The New Order of the Kingdom

A Herescope post about how churches were used in the early part of the 20th century to further the aims of those who wanted to create an international government. 

November/December 2008

Zimbabwe: A Nation Held Hostage
by Jewel Grewe

Jewel gives a report of the poor living conditions in Zimbabwe she experienced while visiting there

Willful Ignorance
a Herescope blog post

We live in a time of great apostasy when many choose to ignore or disbelieve the simplicity of the Gospel of Salvation, the message of the Cross.



January/February 2007

In a Moment – On an Ordinary Day
by Dr. Opal Reddin

In Eternity…God planned every moment of time. In a moment Mary’s life was changed when Gabriel revealed God’s plan for our Savior to be born. 

Rick Warren – Is he scary?
a Herescope blog post

Did you know that these things were part of the Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan?  “Armed guards, biometric palm scanners and steel doors that guard the facility….” There is a strangely secretive “internet-based PEACE plan training”.

Building Blocks of the Church
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Pastor Bosch is re-examining the basics in this new book. 

March/April 2007

The Church Growth Movement
by Pastor Anton Bosch

From his book Building Blocks of the Church. The Church Growth Movement, on one extreme of the ecclesiastical spectrum, finds a champion in author and theologian C. Peter Wagner.

From Which Well are you Drinking?
by J. David Winscott

The serious issues arising from the “Emerging Church” movement are troubling to our pastors and churches. 

The Toronto Deception

Paul Gowdy’s personal testimony of his experience with the “Toronto Blessing”.

May/June 2007

Joel’s Army – The “New Breed”
by Jewel Grewe

Children dressed in fatigues with swords in their hands were obviously the “army” that was being raised up. 

July/August 2007

Women in Discernment
by Susan Conway and Sarah Leslie

Our discernment work began nearly three decades ago when we simply tried to understand what was coming into our homes and churches.

The Ongoing need for Discernment
by Prof. Johan Malan

Spiritual discernment is lacking among the majority of Christians in the last days, and for that reason the love of many will grow cold.

Check your Attitude
by Pastor Anton Bosch

The servant of the Lord is to avoid disputes and must not quarrel but be gentle to all men. Our true attitude and motive is often revealed when people decide to continue in error once they know the Truth.

Why Discernment?
by Jewel Grewe

Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees and Sadducees who had the Son of God in their midst and did not recognize Him. 

September/October 2007

An End run around Romans 1 and Acts 17
by Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer

A game plan of YWAM with reference to the “World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People” Movement (WCGIP)

Idolatry in Their Hearts
a book review by Sarah Leslie

November/December 2007

Too Superstitious
by Malcolm Harris

The ancestral superstition that has the African Continent in its grip is of great concern to Christian leaders and pastors in Ghana.

Back ‘Up’ from ‘Down Under’
by Jewel Grewe

Sadly, one can travel the earth today and find the same deceptions that are rampant in the U.S. finding their way to the far corners.

A Rotten Apple?
by Mary Diane Valentine, Ph.D.

Mary reports on a meeting she attended in 2003 where James Goll was preaching. She goes into some of the “Spiritual Warfare” teachings, like binding and loosing, spirit of Jezebel, etc.



January/February 2006

The Necessity of Separation from Heresy
by Lynn & Sarah Leslie

It is good and biblically solid to separate from worldly activities, but the bible also warns about separation from IDEAS – The philosophies, beliefs, teachings and writings of worldly or pagan men. 

March/April 2006

A New Earth - Now?
by Jewel Grewe

Global warming has long been an area for those who have had a new age agenda. Leaders in the church who have been involved usually also have the Dominion Mandate.

May/June 2006

Redefining Christianity – Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement
by Bob De Waay

Dan Southerland’s book reveals a step-by-step process describing how to convert one’s congregation from a Bible church to a Purpose Driven Church.

July/August 2006

The Manipulations of Dominionism
by Sarah Leslie

Dominionism is a form of futurism. Futurism is the belief that man can create his own future. 

Foundation Imperialism
a Herescope blog post

It seems like an extraordinary coincidence. C. Peter Wagner launched his new “philanthropic apostles” at the same time that Bill Gates, the world’s richest billionaire, retired from running Microsoft Corporation to spend his time doing philanthropy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

September/October 2006

From The Editor
by Jewel Grewe

The Emerging Church has happily endorsed New Age Spirituality as cutting edge ministry of choice for the neo-evangelical church. 

What is the New Age Movement?
by Sarah Leslie

A foundational doctrine for the New Age Movement is the belief that humanity is evolving, and that we will attain a higher level of consciousness and emerge as a new species.

The New Age Movement and its Media Campaign.
by Warren B. Smith

An excerpt from his book Reinventing Jesus Christ: The New Gospel. In this excerpt you will learn how New Age leaders are “working” the media in order to best position themselves and their message.

November/December 2006

Report on our Africa Trip
by Jewel Grewe

Nigeria was certainly an overwhelming experience. We did also witness another “breed” of Christian in Nigeria who has been greatly influenced by the Word/Faith Prosperity teachings and also by the Apostles and Prophets movement.

Report on Transformation Africa Conference
by Jewel Grewe

Transformation Africa is a means towards an ‘end.’ It is an initiative which serves to promote the goal of those who have become “change agents” to bring in the new paradigm.

Report on Brian McLaren, Emergent Church leader.
by a friend of the ministry who went to hear this talk and took some notes during the event. 



January/February 2005

God’s Word – The Positive Message
by Jewel Grewe 

The State of the Church (1911)

Andrew Murray in his book quotes from different authors and also laments what he observes in the church already in his time.

True Spirituality (1971)
Significant comments by late Dr. Francis Schaeffer.

The reader may be startled by the surprising current relevance of these 30+ year-old quotes dating back to the early 1970’s.

The Old Cross and the New
by A.W. Tozer

All unannounced and mostly undetected there has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. 

Please Entertain Us!
by Pastor Anton Bosch

Entertainment has become the very essence of what church is all about.

March/April 2005

CCM: The Seduction of our Youth
by Carol Guffey

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is being used as an initiation for our youth into the occult. 

May/June 2005

The Global Day of Prayer
by Sarah Leslie

Prayer is proving to be a useful tool to make everyone feel like they are “stakeholders” in the coming global transformation of church and society.

July/August 2005

The Second Reformation: Global Day of Prayer (Part 2)
by Sarah Leslie

The Global Day of Prayer appears to be a chief mechanism for launching a “Second Reformation.”

September/October 2005

Art. IX Sec. II in the Assemblies of God & the process of TRANSFORMATION
by Jewel Grewe

An overview of what transpired, [at the General Council] the ramifications of this vote, a biblical commentary explaining the dangers of ecumenism, and a brief explanation of the new doctrines of “transformation.”

November/December 2005

Dedication of the Opal L. Reddin Research Library

The library is located on the lower level of Pinebrook Assembly of God in Naugatuck, CT.

What does the word “Mentor” really mean?
a Herescope blog post

The word mentor first became popular in the New Age business world. During the Promise Keepers era, “mentor” caught on like wildfire, leaving biblical vocabulary far behind.



September/October 2004

From the Editor

We have been focusing on the Purpose Driven Church in the last few months becau se of the extreme popularity of the best-selling books: Purpose Driven Church & Purpose Driven Life. Philip Foster asked some important questions regarding this movement.

A letter from a reader

A friend who was challenged to just look at The Purpose Driven Life, was driven to tears when she looked up the scripture quotes of the Message given throughout the book. 

November/December 2004

True Worship
by Pastor John Marston

When we drift away from worshipping in spirit and in truth the church will either become cold and lifeless or it will become overly emotional, fanatical and feelings-oriented.

Preaching is dead!
by Pastor Anton Bosh

The modern generation is no longer word oriented, but think in terms of images, sound bites and video clips.  Faith does not come through seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling but by hearing the Word of God. [Romans 10:17]




January/February 2002

TRUTH: Foundation of our Faith
by Dr. Opal Reddin

For over a century the Bible was a part of every public school curriculum, and all institutions of higher learning were founded for the purpose of training ministers.

What every Christian needs to know about the New Age

The philosophies of movements like humanism, inter-faith, ecumenical, environmental organizations and their influence on the church.

September/October 2002

George Otis and his Fallacious Teachings
by Prof. Johan Malan

During the early years of his ministry, George Otis strongly identified with Moral Government Theology (MGT) and also lectured on it. 



March/April 2001

Contending for the Faith of Historic Pentecostalism
by Donald C. Stamps

Historic Pentecostal theology and its standards of righteousness are undergoing a gradual process of erosion among its professed advocates.

Truth or Consequences
by Orrel Steinkamp

In our market-driven spiritual economy "truth" too often is redefined as what seems to work, fills pews, sells books and enhances anointed celebrities. 

Out of Chaos

A testimony . . . About the Pensacola “Revival”.

May/June 2001

My Swim through "Cleansing Stream"
by Lonnie Schutz

The overwhelming problem with Cleansing Stream is the shift of focus away from Jesus and the Gospel, to an unbiblical concept of the powers of "hell". 

July/August 2001

The Prophets Rise Again
by Jewel Grewe

The New Prophets believe quite emphatically that God is going to use them to put "governments" into place. They do have a Kingdom Now/Dominion mindset. 

The Final Question?
by Kevin Reeves

A review of Rick Joyner's book The Final Quest.

September/October 2001

For Such a Time as This!

The events of September 11 sear across the consciousness of a nation, who thought it was almost invincible. 

How can there be revival without repentance?
by Lynn & Sarah Leslie

Supposedly, Revival will come by the church being "restored" to its proper "order".



January/February 2000

What Christians need to know and do
by Dr. Waverly Nunnally

"Y2K," "Armageddon," "Millennium." These terms have come to stir awe, worry, fear, and curiosity like few others. 

Approaching Darkness and Approaching Glory
by Betty Swinford

In viewing the world scene today, one must conclude that the inhabitants of Planet Earth have gone stark raving mad! 

March/April 2000

Church Unity
by Dr. Opal Reddin

One of the most popular topics in Christian circles today is "Church Unity".



March/April 1999

The Sea of Subjectivity
by Jewel van der Merwe

When we leave the parameters of the Word of God, we drift onto the Sea of Subjectivity. 

Thoughts on R. Edward Miller and the Peniel Revival Teaching
by Charlotte Stucki

The name of their ministry, Peniel, perhaps best summarizes the focus of their teaching. 

July/August 1999

All dressed up and no place to go
by Donna Meier

As we enter the new Millennium, there will be many changes that you may have to deal with as a Global citizen. 

The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
by David Wilkerson

I am talking about the Church that was born at Pentecost. That born-again Church is under attack. 

September/October 1999

Generational Curses, Strongholds, Binding and Loosing, Deliverance Ministry
by Dr. Opal Reddin

November/December 1999

Encountering Territorial Spirits
by Charles Harris

Otis, Wagner, and others have more recently associated with their views of demon activity practices like "spiritual mapping," identifying and exorcizing "territorial spirits," and "territorial staking."  A study of their material indicates that far too much of their teaching has human experience and even pagan theology as its base.



January/February 1998

Where are we?
by Jewel van der Merwe

When pastors should be Shepherds of the sheep protecting them against grievous wolves, they have become hirelings chasing the sheep into the pastures of the supernatural realm where they are opened up to everything that is coming in with the latest “wave”. 

Reinterpreting Christian History
by Sterling M. Durgy

Recently an article written by Dr. Ralph D. Winter, president of the U.S. Center for World Mission was brought to my attention. This piece, entitled “Seeing the Reformation with New, Missionary Eyes” (Mission Frontiers supplement, June 13, 2020) is remarkable for the way Winter radically reinterprets the Protestant Reformation.

March/April 1998

The Last Days – Matthew 24
by Travers van der Merwe

In the religious world we are experiencing deception.

Another Spirit
by Prof. Johan Malan

The motivating force behind the widespread propagation of another Jesus is another spirit which comes directly from the devil and deceives people to bring them under the power of delusion. 

The Laodicean Church
by Jewel van der Merwe

After being away from the United States for seven months, it is easy to see how the church in America fits the description so clearly laid out in Revelation concerning the Laodicean Church.

May/June 1998

The Two Mysteries
by Pastor Bill Randles

In this "post modem" era, all religious thought is treated equally in the name of tolerance. Eastern religions, the Kabbalah, Ramadan are all given equal treatment in our society. 

Satan’s Angels
by Prof. Johan Malan

It is quite obvious that in his war against the saints Satan has a very active department of religious affairs. 

Following After Truth
by Jewel van der Merwe

The simplicity of the truth of the Gospel has kept the saints down through the ages. 

July/August 1998

The Latter Rain
by Jewel van der Merwe

Could it be possible that God is indeed doing a "new thing", as we draw closer to the end of the 20th Century? Is it true that He has reserved special "gifts" for this time in history? 

The Antichrist – The counterfeit christ and his coming reign of terror
by Prof. Johan Malan

Universal religious unity, i.e., the inherent unity of all faiths on earth, will be the religious ideology of the Antichrist. The starting point for this ideology is theistic universalism; all the faiths worship the same God in different ways and by using different names.

September/October 1998

A Warning to the AOG
by Travers van der Merwe

As an organization, we are facing some critical times. Our mission is to save souls, to win people into the Kingdom of God, to see men born again, not into a literal society or a literal kingdom here on earth, but born again into the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

November/December 1998

From the Editor – A warning about “the New Prophets”

The 1990's are to see the fruition of what the "prophets" have been prophesying. Their words have been taped, transcribed and e-mailed far and wide as those excited by the latest have swooned in their embrace.



January 1997

50 Years Ago
From the Executive Office of the General Council of the Assemblies of God April 20, 2020

It is being claimed that the Pentecostal Movement is passing through a new era. That now we are receiving the Latter Rain, whereas forty years ago the outpouring of the Spirit was merely the Former Rain.

Letter from George R. Hawtin to the Archives of the AOG – Dec. 15, 1987

The opening of the new Bible School was announced and to our delight and surprise some sixty-three students registered for school…Soon we found that the familiar doctrines previously taught and the subjects studied had a strange sense of being REMOVED FROM US as though they had become PAST TRUTH instead of PRESENT TRUTH. George R. Hawtin 

February 1997

Manifest Sons of God
by Jewel van der Merwe

Manifested Sons of God (MSOG) teachings are again flooding the Church. 

The Dominionist Gospel
by Mark Coomer

Bill Hamon, founder of Christian International defines the dominionist gospel: “The Gospel of the Kingdom. The last message to be preached before the literal coming of Christ is the "gospel of the kingdom”.

March/April 1997

The River is Wide, but the Way is Narrow
by Jewel van der Merwe

In this century, as never before since the Tower of Babel, man is again building to reach God.

From the Editor – This-n-That

May/June 1997

The River is Wide, but the Way is Narrow - Part II
by Jewel van der Merwe

Since Discernment Ministries was first published in 1989, we have carefully evaluated the direction certain "streams" of the Church have taken. 

Chasing the Charismatic Carrot
by Charlotte Stucki (A Testimony)

A year after our introduction into Charismatic circles, we found ourselves in Argentina. We were now endued with power to not only preach, but also signs and wonders. To our dismay, we found that all that glitters is not gold. 

July/August 1997

Bread and Games – Part I: Reflections on the British Church
by Tricia Tillin

Pagan gods are being worshipped within the Temple, and the lust for excitement, adventure, sensual experiences, power and popularity has eclipsed the worship of God. 

From the Internet

"Quasi-Gnosticism" (Posted July 18, 2020) I am sorry to say that in the midst of the renewal movement we are also seeing a renewal of a quasi form of Gnosticism…

"My Problems with Brownsville" (Posted July 25, 2020) …here are a couple of observations of my time there that disturbed me.

September/October 1997

Bread and Games - Part II – The Birth and Death of the Renewal Movement
by Tricia Tillin

The stream called by some the Anglican Renewal Movement because it largely affected the traditional churches. Only then can we see how “restoration” took centre stage and became the leading charismatic force in the UK. 

The Golden Altar of Incense: An Analysis of Dick Reuben teaching at Brownsville AOG
by Loren Jacobs, Messianic Rabbi Congregation Shema Yisrael, Southfield. MI

Would you put trust in a Bible teacher who stated that God led the Jewish people to the bitter waters in the Sinai wilderness because we were full of parasites? 

November/December 1997

Bread and Games – Part III - The Latter Rain and the Restoration Movement in Britain
by Tricia Tillin -

Exposed in Part Three is the rise of the Restoration fellowships, and how their doctrine, aims and early contacts owed more to the Latter Rain heresies than to true revivalism. 



January/February 1996

Just a Fly on the Elephant
by Jewel van der Merwe

The last newsletter was an introduction to "The Toronto Blessing" as observed at the Metro Vineyard in Kansas City, October 13-15, 1995. 

A Testimony – One fish that jumped out of the water
by Matt D. Sussex, England

Over the past few months, I have come out of the "Toronto Blessing", and have realized what a sad state the church is in.

March/April 1996

The Development of the Ecumenical Movement
by Alan Morrison

True ecumenicity….lies in the spiritual unity which exists on the basis of the mutual indwelling Holy Spirit in all believers throughout the world. This is a far cry from the now prevailing false ecumenism, which is founded on a very limited basis of faith.

Unity at what cost?
by Jewel van der Merwe

In the past few weeks, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ received the Templeton Prize which is given to a person who has shown extraordinary originality in advancing the understanding of God….

The Unity Lie
by Greg Alston

What is the lie? It is the oft-heard and increasingly accepted notion that we should "unite".

Church Unity
by Opal L. Reddin

One of the most popular topics in Christian circles today is church unity. Many leaders are saying, "We must get together and bring the answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17." 

May/June 1996

God Doesn’t Need Networks!
by Jewel van der Merwe

At the present time there are over 50 million users on the Internet (“Net”} and the numbers are doubling every year! Networking, virtually unknown a few years ago, has become the tool of a rising civilization to bring about empowerment. 

The Greening of the Church – Report Update
by Lannette Irwin

Former Soviet Union Leader Vladimir Lenin’s birthday was the 22nd of April. He was born in 1870. 100 years later on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was born. Does the celebration of Earth Day around the world have any connection to Lenin’s birth date?

July/August/September 1996

As a Snare shall it Come
by Jewel van der Merwe

“For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.” In the preceding newsletter (God Doesn't Need Networks), I discussed rapidly occurring changes in society and in the church. As society is transformed by ever growing computer technologies and link-ups, so the church is undergoing a transformation that is making the Scriptures ever more applicable to the Church today! 

Women in Ministry
by Opal L. Reddin

The purpose of this article is: (1) to show that God calls women to ministry; (2) to point to scriptural solutions for the distinctive problems women face in ministry; and (3) to offer suggestions as to how the church can help women who have a genuine call to ministry.

October/November/December 1996

The River is Muddy
by Jewel van der Merwe

A river forms from many divergent streams, all joining together at various different points. No matter how many of these streams are pure, the influence of muddied streams will cloud the river. 



January/February 1995

Spiritual Deception
by Travers van der Merwe

Satan is actively using all his seductive resources to brainwash Christians with a view to stifle their most holy faith.

World & Church Poem
by Julie Leo

Racing towards the next millennium
by Dorothy Bauss

With the start of a new millennium only five years away, secular books, magazines and television programs are analyzing future trends and presenting them to the general public. 

I Believe in the Virgin Birth
by Dr. Harold Carpenter -

March/April 1995

A Tribute to Travers van der Merwe who passed away on March 1, 2020

Spiritual Deception (Continued)
by Travers van der Merwe 

Letter to Paul, the Apostle
by Charles Phinney
Coordinator, Committee of Missions

Dear Paul, We recently received a copy of your letter to the Galatians.. . . 

May/June 1995

Men with a Mission – An Overview of the Promise Keepers
by Jewel van der Merwe 

Spiritual Deception (Continued)
by Travers van der Merwe 

July/August 1995

Spiritual Deception (Conclusion)
by Travers van der Merwe

A New Day is Dawning
by Jewel van der Merwe

There are "new" things on the horizon and it was most disturbing to see that South Africa isalso being led down the path toward a global harmonic convergence. 

The Greening of the Church
by Lanette Irwin 

Promise Keepers – Detroit 95
by Steven Decker 

September/October/November/December 1995

Just a Fly on the Elephant
by Jewel van der Merwe

That is how any criticism or opposition to the "'Toronto Blessing" is viewed. 

Signs of the Times – Evangelicals and New Agers together
by Warren B. Smith

“The star which the world is awaiting though it does not as yet know its name... this star cannot be other than that very Christ in whom we hope”. [Teilhard de Chardin, Hymn of the Universe.]



January/February 1994

Agents of Change
by Jewel van der Merwe

The term" Agents of Change" is thrown loosely about. Down through history there have always been Agents of Change. At certain points in history, one action of one man many times over has changed the course of human events! 

Using Art to Change Beliefs
by Berit Kjos

Pagan expressions are in. Mythical and mystical art permeate art galleries, museums, theaters and cultural centers. Dancers imitate tribal fertility rites. Drummers summon ancestral spirits.

Agents of Change in Health
by Ray Yungen

March/April 1994

Heresy Hunting vs. Discernment
by Jewel van der Merwe

Much is being said and written about Heresy Hunters. It is almost as if they are a new breed of animal no one has ever heard of before.

May/June 1994

Ichabod or Glory?
by Jewel van der Merwe

Yes, tragically the GLORY HAS DEPARTED!

New Spirituality
by Ray Yungen

An Unholy Renaissance of Sacred Sexuality
by Berit Kjos 

July/August/September 1994

Toronto Phenomenon: Is it from God? How can a Christian decide?
by Tricia Tillin 

A Conspiracy to take over the World? Wow!
by Joseph J. Carr 

The Spirit Behind the Lion King
by Berit Kjos

The Celestine Deception
by Ray Yungen 

October/November/December 1994

Latter Rain and the Rise of Joel’s Army
by Jewel van der Merwe 

Editorial: Benny Hinn, an AOG Minister?

After quite a bit of controversy regarding teaching and practices, the Assemblies of God obviously feel it would be to their advantage to have Benny Hinn numbered amongst their ministers.



January/February 1993

Strange Fire
by Jewel van der Merwe 

The New Vision of Europe
by Tricia Tillin 

Book Critique: The Seven Steps to Personal Power - Biblical or Holistic?
by Gene & Diane Carwile

[It] is a book by James M. Thomas, Jr., an Episcopal lay preacher and clinical psychologist. This book is just another ploy by Satan to saturate the Church with New Age/Holistic/Occult concepts. 

Book Critique: Quenching the Spirit - William DeArteaga
by Orrel N. Steinkamp

In this book you can reduce the basic premise to the following statement: "God brings new truth to the church by first revealing it to cults and occult groups." 

March/April 1993

Prophets, etc.
by Jewel van der Merwe

There are "gods" running around the country calling themselves "prophets" as they claim to be the VOICE of God for today!

Clinton’s Quest – Christian or Occult?
by Berit Kjos

Clinton's model for educational "progress", the Governor's School of Arkansas, opened a window into his liberal agenda. 

May/June 1993

by Jewel van der Merwe

The orthodox position on Truth, or "sound doctrine" is being slowly undermined by a desire to build an earthly political kingdom, self-centered ministries, and marketing a "new anointing". 

Prophecy and Power – The New Role for Music
by Tricia Tillin

July/August 1993

Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?
by Jewel van der Merwe

Our world is entering a new period of spiritual, demonic delusion cavorting about in the fake clothes of spiritual renewal. 

Beware of the Mockers
by Dr. James van Zyl

September/October 1993

Spiritual Warfare
by Jewel van der Merwe 

Spiritual Warfare or War Games?
by Barry Chant

Barry looks at some popular spiritual warfare concepts in the light of Scripture and the practice of the early church. 

Just what is M. Scott Peck?
by Ray Yungen 



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